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June 24, 2024
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The London Indaba: A Platform for Zambia’s Mining Sector

At Zambia Modern Mining magazine, we are proud to be an official media partner of the London Indaba 2023. The London Indaba, the maiden event on “investing in resources and mining in Africa”, is taking place on 26 & 27 June 2023 at The InterContinental Park Lane London. Brought to you by the organisers of the renowned Joburg Indaba, the 2023 London Indaba will focus on Africa’s critical role in the minerals and metals of the future. Bringing together investors, mining companies, governments and other stakeholders from across Africa and beyond, this year’s theme is “Investing in Resources and Mining in Africa”. This reflects the growing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the mining industry.

For Zambia, the London Indaba is a valuable opportunity to display its mining potential and attract investment. Zambia is one of the largest copper producers in Africa, with a rich endowment of other minerals such as cobalt, gold, emeralds and manganese. The country also has a stable political system, a favourable legal framework and a skilled workforce.

According to the Zambia Statistics Agency, Zambia’s copper production in 2021 was 800,696 tonnes, a 4.5% decrease from 2020. However, the country still ranks as the world’s seventh largest producer of copper and the second highest producer of cobalt. Zambia’s mining sector contributes about 10% to the country’s GDP and employs over 65,000 people.

However, Zambia also faces some challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the long-term viability and competitiveness of its mining sector. These include the need to diversify the economy away from over-reliance on copper, to improve infrastructure and power supply, to enhance transparency and accountability in the management of mineral revenues, and to foster social and environmental responsibility among mining companies and communities.

The London Indaba provides a platform for Zambia to engage with key players in the global mining industry and to learn from best practices and experiences of other countries. It also offers a chance for Zambia to display its achievements and initiatives in promoting sustainable mining, such as the recently launched Zambia Mining and Environmental Remediation and Improvement Project (ZMERIP), which aims to reduce environmental health risks and improve socio-economic opportunities in mining areas.

The Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, Hon. Paul Kabuswe MP, has reiterated the government’s commitment to reviving the mining sector in Zambia and make it responsive to the needs of the country. Mr. Kabuswe has expressed optimism that the current reforms being undertaken by the new dawn administration to improve the mining sector will attract more investment through the indaba.

The London Indaba is not only a business event, but also a forum for dialogue and collaboration among different stakeholders. It is an opportunity for Zambia to demonstrate its commitment to responsible mining and to seek partnerships that can support its development goals. It is also an occasion for Zambia to celebrate its rich mining heritage and culture, and to share its vision for a prosperous and inclusive future.

As Zambia Modern Mining magazine, we are proud to be a media partner of the London Indaba 2023. We look forward to covering the event and bringing you the latest news, insights and analysis from the conference. We invite you to join us in London and be part of this important event for Zambia’s mining sector.

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